Mismo's Gymnastics Booster Club (GBC)

Welcome to the official Mismo Gymnastics Booster Club web page! We are an organization of committed Mismo parents making certain every gymnasts’ experience at Mismo is a positive one! With this in mind, our goal is to make available opportunities for each family to raise funds. Below you'll find everything you need to get active within the GBC and start fundraising!

GBC Mission Statement: The Gymnastics Booster Club, Inc., exists to make the opportunity for competitive gymnastics affordable and accessible to Missoula and surrounding area youth through the involvement of all Mismo team families.

GBC Board Members:

Co-Presidents – Kari Boucher –
                                  Dianna Tenesch –

Vice President - Camille La –

Secretary - Kin Cowan –

Treasurer - Alicia Jones -

Treasurer in training – Jodi Ockler –

General Questions –


How Do I Become a GBC Member? - If your family has an athlete that is part of one of the competitive teams and/or pre-team at Mismo (Magic, Boys Team, Girls Team, or Xcel) you are a GBC member! This does not, however, extend to aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, or others, unless they are legal guardians of the competitive athlete. Extended family is able to participate in fundraising, and we welcome their help!

The GBC organizes and participates in many fundraisers throughout the year. If you have a great idea for a fundraising opportunity, please let one of the above board members know! The list of fundraisers the GBC organizes includes:
  • Fireworks Stand
  • 4 Wheeler Raffle
  • UM Griz Parking
  • Fair Parking
  • Wreath sales
  • Mismo Magical Meet
  • Shop with Scrip
Wreath Forms
For extra wreath order forms – CLICK HERE!

*GBC will NOT be doing a gift wrap booth this year*


GBC Meetings - GBC meetings are typically held once a month. Meeting time and location can be found on our Team Calendar. The meeting minutes each month can be found below:
Meeting 6/6/16
Meeting 7/18/16
Meeting 8/22/16
Meeting 9/12/16
Meeting 10/3/16
Meeting 11/14/16

Scholarships - The GBC is proud to offer scholarships to families in need! Please click HERE to download the scholarship application!